Malaga 2024 Bullfighting Poster

Bullfighting eventDateBullfighters
NovilladaAugust 15Still to be confirmed
BullfightAugust 16Still to be confirmed
BullfightAugust 17Still to be confirmed
Bullfight rejonesAugust 18Still to be confirmed
BullfightAugust 19Still to be confirmed
BullfightAugust 20Still to be confirmed
BullfightAugust 21Still to be confirmed

The Málaga 2024 bullfighting poster is now available! Come enjoy the best bullfights in Spain in the impressive Malagueta bullring. Buy your tickets at the following link:

Picasso bullfight 2024

Tickets for the Malaga bullfighting schedule

novillada bullring malaga

Novillada with picadores

August 15
From 9€
bulls in Malaga in August


August 16
From 19€
Malaga fair bulls


August 17
From 19€
bullfight rejones malaga

Bullfight rejones

August 18
From 21€
bullfight malaga august


August 19
From 20€
taureaux malaga août


August 20
From 20€
bulls in malaga agoust


August 21
From 20€

Information about the Malaga Bull fair schedule

The poster for the Malaga 2024 bullfighting fair has not yet been released, however we already know the days on which the bullfight will take place. With a few days remaining, the bullfighters, bullfighters and picadors who will participate in the Malaga bullfighting fair will be confirmed. As can be seen on this page, the poster for the August fair will have 7 bullfighting events spread from August 15 to 21.

The presentation of the bullfighting poster will take place as always with an event together with the main business figures of the bullfighting world and the city’s own government organization.