VIP TICKETS at Malaga Bullring

  • 10 to 14 tickets per box.
  • Drinks and catering included.
  • Free parking, without queues or waiting.

Services included with your VIP box

Everything you need to live a unique and premium experience.

Premium Catering & Drinks

The catering usually includes a selection of hot and cold dishes, such as Iberian ham, cheeses, pâtés, croquettes, omelettes, hors d’oeuvres, and desserts, as well as a wide variety of premium beverages, such as wines, beers, spirits, and soft drinks.

The catering service is provided by companies specialized in gastronomy and events, which work together with the bullring to offer a unique and exclusive gastronomic experience to the guests of the VIP box. If the client prefers, his personal waiter services can be included, and a special needs catering can be ordered.

Private parking

So that you can enjoy your VIP box to the fullest, you have 2 private parking spaces where you can park without waiting. In this way you will not have to queue or wait to enter the bullfighting area.

Personalized attention and security included in your private parking.

palco vip la malagueta

Tourist visit to the Bullring

As a VIP client, you have the option of arriving before the hour to the bullring and making a visit. In this way you will be able to see first-hand how a bullfight is prepared, you will be able to meet and talk with the staff of the bullring and live the complete experience of the bullring.

Types of VIP Boxes

Silver Vip Box
  • 10 Seats in VIP Shadow Box
  • Catering with Iberian tapas (can be altered)
  • Premium Drinks and Unlimited Soft Drinks
  • Premium access without queue
Gold VIP Box
  • 10 Seats in VIP Shadow Boxes
  • Catering with Iberian cured meats and tapas
  • Premium Drinks and Unlimited Soft Drinks
  • Free parking (2 spaces per box)
  • Premium Access without queuing
  • Visit to the Bullring before the Bullfight
  • Exclusive Access to the Bullfight Drawing in the Morning

VIP Boxes For Companies

Do you want to hire a box for your company?

Apart from all the previously mentioned services, you can also place a banner in your VIP box with information about your company or organization, or its products and services, in addition to distributing brochures to the attendees of the VIP Box.

Why hire a private box in the bullring?

The private boxes in the bullring offer a unique and exclusive experience during bullfights. Immerse yourself in luxury and comfort while you enjoy the exciting bullfighting show from a privileged location.

One of the main benefits of private boxes is the privacy they provide. Escape the bustle of the stands and enjoy a space reserved for you and your guests. You can share this special moment with friends, family or business partners in an intimate and exclusive setting.

In addition to privacy, the private boxes offer privileged views of the bullring. From these locations, you will be able to enjoy a clear and panoramic vision of the action, without losing detail of each set and each pass. You will be closer to the emotion, with a unique and fascinating perspective.

Another standout benefit is the personalized service offered in the private boxes. You will be able to enjoy dedicated attention and exclusive services, such as waiters who will attend you in your box, catering service with an exquisite selection of dishes and drinks, and the possibility of personalizing your experience according to your preferences.

Private boxes also provide a luxurious and comfortable environment. They are designed with the comfort and enjoyment of attendees in mind. With comfortable seats, ample space and elegant decoration, you will feel like a true VIP during the entire bullfight.

In summary, the private boxes in the bullring offer a series of benefits that take the bullfighting experience to a higher level. From the privacy and the privileged views to the personalized service and the luxurious atmosphere, you will enjoy unforgettable moments surrounded by those you appreciate the most. Discover the pleasure of living the bullfights from a private box and let yourself be carried away by the emotion and elegance that only these exclusive spaces can offer you.

Customer reviews

Juan Ramón García

An unforgettable experience! We rented the box for my family during our visit to Malaga and we really enjoyed it. Wonderful food and exceptional service.


Pedro Jiménez

We came to visit Spain from Mexico and we couldn’t resist attending an event like this. The service was excellent and the bullfight very interesting. We will repeat for sure.



What I liked the most were the good views you have from the box. It really is more comfortable than a normal entry. I visited the square upon my arrival and afterwards we ate the catering that had been prepared for us. 10 out of 10!!


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