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Novillada 14 august

August 14
From 9€
Picasso bullfight 2024

Picassiana bullfight

August 15
From 20€
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Bullfight August 16

August 16
From 19€

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Discover the next bullfights that will be held in the Malagueta bullring and buy your tickets.

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VIP Boxes Malaga Bullring

Live the experience of watching the best bullfighters fight from the VIP boxes of the Malagueta bullring. Find the VIP box that you like the most and live the bullfighting party.

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bullfight malaga august

malaga bullfight

bulls malaga august

bulls malaga

bullfight in the Malagueta bullring

Malaga bullring

bullfight in the Malagueta bullring

malagueta bullring

bullfight in malaga

bullfight malaga

bullring malaga

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la malagueta


Information about the Malaga bullring

The Málaga bullring, also known as La Malagueta, is an emblematic monument of the city of Málaga, located on the Costa del Sol in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. With a rich history and impressive architecture, this bullring is a major cultural and tourist landmark.

The construction of the Malagueta bullring began in 1874 and it was officially inaugurated on June 11, 1876. It was designed by the architect Joaquín Rucoba, who combined neo-Mudéjar and neoclassical elements in its structure. The plaza has a capacity of approximately 14,000 spectators and has witnessed countless bullfighting events over the years.

The Plaza Toros de Málaga has been the scene of famous bullfights, festivals and other cultural events. It has welcomed renowned Spanish and international bullfighters, becoming a meeting place for lovers of bullfighting. In addition to bullfights, the bullring has hosted concerts by renowned artists, offering a wide range of entertainment for visitors.

The architecture of the bullring is impressive, with its neo-Mudéjar style façade that stands out for its colored tiles and its central tower. The interior has a ring surrounded by stands, where spectators can enjoy the excitement and tradition of bullfighting. It also has bullpens, pens and corrals, which are an integral part of the bullfighting experience.

In turn, the Malaga bullring is a place of great cultural and patrimonial importance for the city, and has been recognized as an Asset of Cultural Interest. In addition to its historical value, it offers guided tours so that tourists can explore its facilities, learn about its history and learn about bullfighting. It is a fascinating place where tradition, art and passion merge.

By visiting the malagueta bullring, visitors can immerse themselves in Spain’s rich bullfighting tradition, appreciate the building’s unique architecture, and enjoy unforgettable cultural events.