Event day
August 17
2 hours
Corrida toros

The show

Bullfighters who participate

Still to be confirmed. It will be announced soon.

When does it start?

August 17 at 7 pm.

Duration of the run

The bullfight lasts around 2 hours

How much does it cost?

From €20 to €170. The price varies depending on the location chosen.

General information

A bullfight is a traditional bullfighting event that takes place in a bullring. In this show, fighting bulls, bred specifically for this purpose, face off against bullfighters, also known as matadors.

The bullfight consists of several parts:

  1. The paseíllo: It is the initial parade of the participants in the bullring. The bullfighters, their gangs, and the picadors, who are horsemen armed with a spear, parade through the arena in a solemn ceremony.
  2. Thirds: The bullfight is divided into three thirds, each of which has specific characteristics.

– The tercio de varas: It begins with the first bull, and the picadors mounted on horseback enter the arena to confront the bull. Its objective is to bite the bull in the morillo, a muscle mass in the upper part of the animal’s neck. This phase allows to measure the bravery and strength of the bull.

– The tercio de banderillas: After the fight on horseback, the banderilleros enter the bullring to stick banderillas, which are small spears decorated with colored paper, in the upper part of the bull’s back.

– The third of death: In this final phase, the bullfighter, armed with a red cape and a sword, faces the bull more closely. The objective is to perform a task, which includes a series of passes and crutches, showing skill and art. Finally, the bullfighter looks for an accurate thrust with the sword to kill the bull.

3. Back to the ring: If the bullfighter has been brave and has shown great bravery during the bullfight, the public can ask the president of the ring to grant him a return to the ring in recognition.

Bullfight in Malaga

Types of locations

In the Malaga bullring (La malagueta), you can find different types of seats or seats, offering different perspectives and levels of comfort for spectators. Some of the seats available in the Malaga bullring are the following:

  1. First Row: These are the seats closest to the ring, located at the front. They offer a privileged view of the fight, but they are also more exposed to action and danger.
  2. Second Row: Son los siguientes asientos más cercanos al ruedo. They have a privileged view but with greater security.
  3. Stalls: These are the middle seats, they have a slightly higher view and away from the arena.
  4. VIP Boxes: They are private and closed spaces located on the upper floors of the bullring. The boxes have a limited capacity and offer a panoramic view of the arena.
  5. Grandstands: They are the highest areas of the bullring, with seats in the form of stands. Although the view may be further away, they provide a global perspective of the run.

Finally, the spectator will be able to buy his ticket for the bulls depending on the area in which his seat is located.

  • Sun: They are usually the cheapest tickets since they are located in the area where the sun is the most.
  • Sun and shade: These seats alternate areas where it is sunny and others where there is shade.
  • Shade: They are the most expensive but also the best since they allow you to see the bullfight better and with greater comfort.
La Malagueta bullring seating

How to get

If you are interested in the bullfight that will be held on August 17 in the bullring of Malaga (La Malagueta), below we leave you a map to locate the bullring and the best routes to attend the bullfighting event.

Buy your tickets

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