Picassiana bullfight

Event day
March 30
2 hours
Corrida toros

The show

Bullfighters who participate

Cayetano, Emilio de Justo y Pablo Aguado, that bulls from Vellosino will fight

When does it start?

March 30 at 5:30 pm

Duration of the run

The bullfight lasts around 2 hours

How much does it cost?

From €10 to €270. The price varies depending on the location chosen.

General information

What does a Picasso bullfight consist of?

Unlike a standard bullfight, the Picasso bullfight is characterized by the fact that the event, decoration and lighting costumes are inspired by the art of the famous painter Pablo Picasso.


This exceptional bullfight began in 2009 as a tribute to the great painter Pablo Picasso, a native of Malaga. The Picasso bullfight used to take place during the August fair, but since 2023, it is celebrated at the end of March, coinciding with the anniversary of the death of this unique and international artist.

For this unique occasion, bullfighters usually wear suits with Picasso inspiration, with very original colors and shapes, small works of art that have been created by great international designers and artists, such as:

  • Christian Lacroix, French haute couture designer who designed the costume of the bullfighter Javier Conde
  • Justo Alagaba designed for Manuel Díaz “El Cordobés” a black and white light suit for the 2009 Picasso bullfight, with clearly Picasso drawings of bulls.

Premiere of Picasso’s opera

For this occasion, the Malagueta bullring will be decorated with flowers and bullfighting drawings in the Picasso style, both on the burladera and in the ring itself. Instead of the traditional music band, a symphonic opera with its tenor and soprano will welcome the spectators, in addition to enlivening the performances of the bullfighters.

All Artistic Posters

The posters that announce this exceptional bullfight are also unique, made by great artists. This year, the poster and audiovisual production is the work of Pedro Sandoval, a world-renowned artist. Venezuelan by birth, living in Madrid, one of the most important within abstract neo-expressionism, whose works can be found in museums such as the Guggenheim in New York or the Vatican.

Picasso bullfight Malaga

Types of locations

In the Malaga bullring (La malagueta), you can find different types of seats or seats, offering different perspectives and levels of comfort for spectators. Some of the seats available in the Malaga bullring are the following:

  1. First Row: These are the seats closest to the ring, located at the front. They offer a privileged view of the fight, but they are also more exposed to action and danger.
  2. Second Row: Son los siguientes asientos más cercanos al ruedo. They have a privileged view but with greater security.
  3. Stalls: These are the middle seats, they have a slightly higher view and away from the arena.
  4. VIP Boxes: They are private and closed spaces located on the upper floors of the bullring. The boxes have a limited capacity and offer a panoramic view of the arena.
  5. Grandstands: They are the highest areas of the bullring, with seats in the form of stands. Although the view may be further away, they provide a global perspective of the run.

Finally, the spectator will be able to buy his ticket for the bulls depending on the area in which his seat is located.

  • Sun: They are usually the cheapest tickets since they are located in the area where the sun is the most.
  • Sun and shade: These seats alternate areas where it is sunny and others where there is shade.
  • Shade: They are the most expensive but also the best since they allow you to see the bullfight better and with greater comfort.
La Malagueta bullring seating

How to get

If you are interested in the bullfight that will be held on March 30 in the bullring of Malaga (La Malagueta), below we leave you a map to locate the bullring and the best routes to attend the bullfighting event.

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