The most outstanding bullfighters who have left their mark in Malaga

The Malaga bullring has been the setting where great bullfighters have left their mark on the history of bullfighting. Throughout the years, outstanding bullfighting masters have shone in this emblematic arena, leaving a legacy of courage, art and dedication. In this post, we introduce you to some of the most outstanding bullfighters who have passed through the Malaga bullring.

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  1. Antonio Ordoñez: Known as the “León de Ronda”, Antonio Ordoñez is a legendary figure in the bullfighting world. His mastery and mettle in the ring made him one of the most outstanding bullfighters of all time. In the Malaga bullring, Ordoñez starred in unforgettable tasks, showing his courage and elegance before large-scale bulls.
bullfighter Antonio Ordoñez

2. Juan Belmonte: Juan Belmonte is considered one of the most revolutionary bullfighters in the history of bullfighting. His unique and risky style broke with established conventions, introducing new techniques and movements in bullfighting. In the Malaga bullring, Belmonte left his mark with tasks full of intensity and a special connection with the bulls.

bullfighter Juan belmonte

3. Francisco Rivera “Paquirri”: Paquirri is an iconic figure of bullfighting, recognized for his courage and delivery in the ring. In the Malaga bullring, he starred in memorable moments, facing bulls of great difficulty with mastery and determination. Paquirri left an indelible mark on the Malaga fans, becoming one of the most admired bullfighters of his generation.


4. José Tomás: José Tomás is considered one of the most important bullfighters today. With his serene and deep style, he has captivated fans in the Malaga bullring and in other major bullfighting venues around the world. His tasks are marked by a unique connection with the bull and a refined technique that conveys great emotion.

bullfighter José Tomás

5. Enrique Ponce: Enrique Ponce is a bullfighter with a great career and international recognition. His elegance and precision in bullfighting have made him a benchmark for many generations of fans. In the Malaga bullring, Ponce has left his mark with masterful performances, showing his mastery of the art of bullfighting and his ability to move the public.


The Malaga bullring has witnessed the greatness of bullfighters who have left an indelible mark on the history of bullfighting. From legendary figures like Antonio Ordoñez and Juan Belmonte, to contemporary bullfighters like José Tomás and Enrique Ponce, these masters of bullfighting have made audiences vibrate with their courage, technique and artistry. The Malaga bullring is a stage where the

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