The Bullfighting Gala awards the Prize for the best Faena at the Malaga fair 2023

Last Tuesday, November 14, the Malaga bullfighter Saúl Jiménez Fortes was awarded the Silver Estoque Award due to his great performance and best work at the last Malaga 2023 fair.

Málaga dressed up to award the most prestigious bullfighting awards in the city to the most outstanding bullfighters and bullfighters of the last August fair. The María Victoria Atencia Cultural Center hosted the Malaga Bullfighting Gala 2023, an initiative of the Malaga Provincial Council, organized by Borja Ortiz, Director of the Center for Bullfighting Affairs, and attended by the President of the Malaga Provincial Council, Mr. Francisco Salado, as well as different institutions, associations and groups from the city and the province to present the trophies from last year Bullfighting Fair Held in the La Malagueta bullring.

The different agents in charge of choosing the winner met on August 31, immediately after the bullfighting fair, to discuss the different performances of the participating bullfighters. Finally, Saul Jimenez Fortes won the award for the best performance of the Fair, after a consensus with an absolute majority, for his performance in the bullring of Malaga.

Who has granted it?

The awards have been promoted by the provincial institution in collaboration with the College of Veterinarians, the bullfighting club of Cártama (Málaga), the Bullfighting Union of Subscribers, the provincial bullfighting school and the Bullfighting Youth Association, entities that have been in charge of granting the rest of distinctions.

Fortes gets his third Sword

The Malaga bullfighter won the main prize again after 5 years (he also won it in 2016 and 2018) and is included in the short list of winners. Some of the matadors with whom he shares glory are Curro Romero, Joselito, José Tomás, Enrique Ponce, Niño de la Capea, Miguel Márquez, Javier Conde, Manzanares Sr., El Juli, Antonio Ferrera, Salvador Cortés, Rivera Ordóñez, José María Manzanares and King Rock.

On this occasion he got the award thanks to the great performance he had on August 16 against the fifth bull owned by the Daniel Ruiz ranch.

The Winners

After the presentation of the Antonio Ordoñez Silver Estoque award, the rest of the evening’s awards were presented. The bullfighting youth Association recognized Jorge Molina as the best bullfighter. The union of subscribers of Malaga Bullring awarded the matador José Garrido as the author of the best lunge of the fair and the college of veterinarians chose the bull named “Aislado” as the bravest bull. In turn, Guillermo Hermosa and Jorge Fuentes were awarded as best rejoneadores (bullfighters on horse) and banderilleros respectively.

Last but not most important, the provincial bullfighting school awarded Simón Andreu as the winner of the bullfighting schools contest.

The Gala

The event was led by the journalist Noelia Gómez and had the participation of the director of Bullfighting Affairs, Borja Ortiz, as well as the president of the Fighting Bull Foundation, Victorino Martín. At the institutional level, the Deputy Mayor Teresa Porras, the Education Delegate of the Junta de Andalucía and the President of the Provincial Council participated. Francisco Salado, who declared that “We have planned to talk about bulls in Malaga throughout the year, and that is why we are going to promote different events and events that boost bullfighting fans both in the capital and in the province,” among them.…the Center for immersive bullfighting experiences, which will have the latest technology and will provide the Malagueta Bullring with a route to delve into the national holiday through experiences and games.

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