Season subscription 2024

89,33 660,09 

  • This is a credit reservation. Once last year’s season tickets have been renewed, you will be assigned the best seats available.
  • If you purchase multiple subscriptions, the assigned seats will be consecutive next to each other
  • The price includes additional management fees.
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  • Includes 6 tickets for bullfights + 1 bullfighting ticket
  • 33% discount compared to buying tickets individually.

Additional information

Area of the bullring

Stall 1 (Shade), Stall 2 (Shade), Stall 3 (Sun and shade), Stall 4 (Sun), Stall 5 (Sun), Stall 6 (Sun and shade), Stall 7 (Shade), Stall 8 (Shade)

Type of seats

Barrier -First row, Counterbarrier-2d row, Stalls Row 1 to 10, Stalls Rows 11 to 12, Grandstand Row 1 to 4, Terraces 2nd grade


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